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DEVweCAN presentation

The LabEx project will make the region of Lyon a global hub in the field of Oncology within the next 10 years by achieving excellent research, develop training and education, and enhance the value of intellectual property and publications with a strong focus on health and internationally renowned. The overall goals of Labex are multiple, including being closer to the patients and developing innovative therapeutic solutions, bringing targeted training in oncology to future health professionals and researchers, and finally to attract new talents in the area of Lyon.



Through the involvement of the high-level scientific teams and the advance technology, the project will uncover new tumor progression makers which will identify and develop new targeted anti-cancer therapies, thus, as a whole, the information presented by LabEx will provide:
  • New knowledge to the scientific community, broadening international knowledge via publications and patents which will facilitate scientist in the field of oncology, and bring a new dynamic research and new topics to the discipline.
  • Dedication to improving patients healthy and increasing their healing potentials as well as improving their quality of daily life.



Although finding therapeutic solutions is at the heart of our research, we also extend our purpose to other realms also.

Part of the healing process for many patients is to be in the company of their family and love ones. Moreover, they also need to have frequent interactions with specialist who are able answer their questions to provide further moral support. As a result, LabEx DEVweCAN have integrated the organization of bring patients and their family closer to Oncologist as part of the objective.



Targeted training in the field of Oncology remains to be one of the primary goals of the LabEx, DEVweCAN. Therefore, the objective is to train researchers and future health professionals in this domain, as there are currently no Master Oncology programs in France.

With respect to this, LabEx has created the first Oncology Master 1 Program in September, 2013 and a Master 2 Program to be luanched in September, 2014 for Researchers and Professionals in Oncology. Moreover, an Oncology Graduate School is also under consideration.



Cancer being a worldwide health problem, LabEx, DEVweCAn has established an International Exchanged Program with Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT (USA), John Hopkins University (USA), Imperial Collage London (Great Britain), and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China) to diversify the subject related to health.

In addition, these international exchanges will attract new talents to the Lyon Region and will therefore; scientifically strengthen the dynamic of Oncology.